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MNSi Technical Support

No matter when you need help our 24/7 technical support staff is here


Chatham: 519-436-1199
London: 519-433-4811
Sarnia: 519-344-2237
Windsor: 519-258-2333
Toll Free: 1-888-310-6674
Business Sales: 519-985-8415
E-mail: support@mnsi.net


Domain Name: mnsi.net

IP Address

Your IP address is:

Speed Test

If you need to check your connection speed you can use Test your Internet connection speed at Speedtest.net


For @mnsi.net

Incoming in.mnsi.net
Incoming SSL/TLS Yes
Incoming Port 995
Outgoing out.mnsi.net
Outgoing SSL/TLS Yes
Outgoing Port 587

For @mdirect.net

Incoming in.mdirect.net
Incoming SSL/TLS Yes
Incoming Port 995
Outgoing out.mdirect.net
Outgoing SSL/TLS Yes
Outgoing Port 587

For Domain Hosting

Incoming in.your-domain-name.tld
Incoming SSL/TLS Yes
Incoming Port 995
Outgoing out.your-domain-name.tld
Outgoing SSL/TLS Yes
Outgoing Port 587



SPAM Filtering

Our email server will scan messages for spam. On some messages the server cannot reliably determine if a message is SPAM, so it will prefix the subject with [Possible Spam]. If you use a mail client you can filter these messages automatically. Typically this will involve creating a message filter that looks for [Possible Spam] in the subject line and moving the mail to a specified folder.

If you need assistance, please contact support.

Connection Troubleshooting

Connection Speed

If you need to check your connection speed you can use Test your Internet connection speed at Speedtest.net

Slow Speeds

There can be several reasons you connection speed may be slow. Below are a few things you can check:

Multiple devices

If there are multiple device on your network, one of them may be "hogging" the available bandwidth. There could be a large download, a video stream or a OS update that is the cause.

Slow Torrents

Customers served through wholesale arrangements with Bell Canada will be subject to their traffic management policies which include the application specific rate limiting of certain non-time sensitive peer to peer file sharing applications during peak usage hours. Where technology permits, customers served directly by MNSi's equipment are not subject to Bell Canada's traffic management policies.

In addition to the above, it could be there are not enough people uploading to keep up with your download speed.

Static and Noise

On DSL services, static or other noise on the line may cause speed issues. There could be a phone without an DSL filter or some other line trouble. Contact technical support for assistance.

Router Settings

If you have a router (Linksys, D-Link, etc...) you will need your MNSi username (your_user_name@mnsi.net) and password. When setting up your router you will want to create a PPPoE connection and enter in your MNSi username and password. When setting up the connection if you see an option for MTU, set it to 1492. If you need any help with your router settings feel free to contact technical support

You should also be running the latest firmware on your router. Firmware updates include important bug fixes and can dramatically increase the reliability and security of your router.

Dial-up Drivers

Modemsite.com is a large source of information on 56k modems, including links to modem drivers.

Dial-up Issues

A less than top speed connection is usually due to line quality limitations or high traffic areas. It is important to note that the initial connection rate is just that: initial. After the modem has negotiated a connection (especially v.34), it will occasionally renegotiate the line speed factoring in the line and traffic conditions. The idea is to get a good balance of performance and reliability. Trying to force a maximum-speed connection in such a case will often cause unstable connects or complete failure to connect and is not likely to change download times significantly.

Dial-up Access Numbers

The following are our normal dial-up numbers. To ensure the best connection, please use the correct number.

City v.90/x2
Chatham 226-671-6600
Kitchener 226-673-6600
London 519-789-6600
Sarnia 226-672-6600
Toronto 647-796-6600
Windsor 226-674-6600

For extended access numbers and US numbers please click here.

Personal Web Space

Many of our services come with personal webspace where you can have a simple website or simply store some files to share


To view your content you can go to http://username.mnsi.net. For example if your username is johnsmith@mnsi.net you would go to http://johnsmith.mnsi.net


To upload content your personal webspace you will need FTP software. There are many available such as FileZilla

To login with the FTP software you will connect to the host ftp.mnsi.net on port 21 and use your full @mnsi.net username and password to login

Content you want publicly available should be uploaded into the public_html directory

Technical support can only help you with setting up the FTP connection. If you need help with building a simple webpage, there are many resources and tutorials available online.


Most voicemail settings can be managed through the web interface. Below are actions you can do with a touchtone phone:

Action Code
Access voicemail at home
You will be prompted to setup your voicemail box on first use.
* 9 8
Disable Call Forward Ring Busy * 9 1
Disable Call Forward Ring No Answer * 9 3
Re-Activate Call Forward Ring Busy * 9 0
Re-Activate Call Forward Ring No Answer * 9 2
Change the number of rings before Voice mail answers. 1) * 9 4
2) Wait for three beeps
3) Enter 0 through 9 for the number of rings
Caller ID Presentation Present: * 8 2
Withhold: * 6 7
Automatic Recall Activate: * 6 9
Return Key = 1
Deactivate: * 8 9
Automatic Callback Activate: * 6 6
Deactivate: * 8 6
Cancel Call Waiting * 7 0

Remote Access

To access your voicemail remotely you can call 226-674-9999. You will be prompted to enter your 10 digit telephone number followed by your PIN code.

If you do not remember your voicemail PIN, please call customer service for help.


Protecting your computer and home network from viruses and other malicious attacks is very important. There are many products and services available from third party vendors. Some vendors available are:

If you need to perform a quick check for viruses, a free online scan can be performed at Trend Micro's website.

Links to anti-virus vendors and products on this page do not constitute endorsement from MNSi.

Account Usage

Enter your MNSi email address and a report will be emailed to you

It may take up to 10 minutes for the report to arrive. If it has not arrived within 10 minutes, please try again or contact support.

Change Login or Password

Please call customer service

Remember, if you change your password, you will have to change it in the Internet Access Software or router you are using as well.

If you are subscribed to our television service you can find support on our TV Support page.

If there is anything not covered on this page feel free to contact support for assistance